Acrylic Styling Blocks

I started offering these acrylic styling blocks for flat lays and product styling projects about a year ago. They compliment what I do as a stylist so well it made sense to offer them as a product! I love using them for my flat lay work, jewelry product styling and so much more!

These blocks can be totally hidden in your invitation flat lay under all the paper pieces if you're a wedding photographer, or like this little product photo shoot they can be part of your props! For these images you can see the photographer used them as key elements for the images to help showcase the products and create more interest and depth in her images.

So who should be using these blocks? Wedding photographers, stylists, product photographers, floral designers, jewelry designers, calligraphy artists... they have so many uses and if you need to create content for social media or amazing product images for your website you should grab a set of my acrylic styling blocks.

PHOTOGRAPHY / Molly Lichten
RINGS / Susie Saltzman

Flat Lay Styling Blocks

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Wedding Styling Kit


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