Black and Gold Luxury Wedding Stationery

Stationery flat lay is an art of it's own. I've compiled some of my favorite flat lay and detail images from the last few years to share and inspire you. All of the stationery images unitilize my Acrylic Styling Blocks for depth and lift within the flat.

Each one of these fine art flat lays is unique. They have different colors, props and florals depending on what editorial project they were for. It takes practice to grow your flat lay skills and I certainly did not start out at the level I am now. Detail styling is all about balance, color combes, texture and composition.

- Make sure your styling surface is the right fit for the invitation suite
- Select props that compliment and enhance your composition
- Florals are key, select beautiful blooms and colors to go with your flat lay

Different photographers and stylist have different styles for their flat lays. Some prefere a more simple layout with a grid format. My style of flat lay is normally ornate and detailed with an organic flow and no straight lines. 

Spring Wedding Stationery Suite

Hand Painted Stationery Design

French Stationery Flat Lay

Jewel Toned Fine Art Stationery Suite

Fine Art Wedding Details

Food Flat Lay Styling